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DAIWA SALTIGA SG spin fishing Rod


DAIWA SALTIGA SG spin fishing Rod

Daiwa Saltiga SG 63S-3F

Product Description


For the past ten years the original Saltiga rods set a new industry standard as the strongest and lightest jigging rods available. After a decade these rods are envied by other manufacturers and are a true testament of how advanced the rod’s technology was, they remain unchanged, and technology hungry anglers still regard these as the best available that was until now with the introduction of the latest Saltiga rod series.

Designed to match the awesome power of the Saltiga reels this rod series heralds a new design concept – 3D carbon design. Using Daiwa’s famous Bias Wrap Construction for ultimate strength, power, light weightiness and ultra slim blank diameter, this design resists blank twisting and massively increases torque, Daiwa has created their greatest ever jigging rod design.

Adding to the incredible blank design, these rods feature Fuji’s latest innovation Titanium Silicone carbide “K “ guides to eliminate line wrap, Daiwa customized Fuji reel seats that match the new reel design and ultra tough and light Air Foam grips.

The Saltiga Coastal rods are the most technically advanced jigging rods available, whether it is jigging for deep water snapper with the ultra light SG62S or reef dwelling kingfish with the SG57S, there is a jigging model to suit.

Saltiga SG62S-2/3F -Inshore Technical Specialist

This is the lightest rod in the current range and is perfectly suited for small to medium sized inshore gamefish like Kingfish to 1-7kg, Mahi Mahi, Mackerel and small tuna. Designed for jigging with small 60 – 100 g jigs using a method described as “Jyaga-Jyaga winding” – or intermittent short/long  jigging with one wind/one rod up to simulate a wounded fish movement.

The blank is very slim, but it has a thick wall constriction to retain strength and power in the butt section. When pressure is applied the blank gradually bends until midsection, the power is in the lower section of the rod between the reel seat and stripper guide, making jigging and fighting fish easier.

Additionally, this rod is able to make long casts, is especially easy to wind even with “Jyaga-Jyaga winding” with the line at a low angle.

One advantage with this light rod concept is that the angler is able to do long jigging action and you are able to make a sharper action to the Jig, this creates an advantage against another angler who is using a stiffer rod and can only apply a short jigging action.

Saltiga SG60S-3/4F – Inshore All Round Specialist

This is the hi power version of “62S-2/3F”. Ideally suited for Kingfish up to 15 kg and is ideally suited to a short jigging action with jigs between 90g – 150g jig.

The rods thick wall construction deploys very high torque but when loaded it has a moderate bend throughout the length of the blank. This allows the angler to fish comfortably.

Not only suitable for short jigging, it also is very good for long jigging, the extra length and progressive action of the blank allows for fast long jigging without tiring the angler. When a fish is hooked the rods bias wrap construction and thick walls allow it to bend smoothly throughout its length reducing the risk of losing a fish.

Saltiga SG57S-5/6F  – Inshore Monster Specialist

The strongest rod in the range with a maximum jig weight of 250g this rod is ideal to battle large fish.

The Increased stiffness around top area is designed to perfectly control heavy jigs easily, its powerful butt section allows the rod to create sharp movements to a jig even in strong current and quickly reacts to sudden fish movement to be able to apply maximum pressure when a fish runs

The Bias wrap and thick wall construction creates incredible power which is difficult to imagine from the rods physical appearance and it exhibits incredible potential against any inshore monster fish often far exceeding the  class of rod.

Saltiga SG HIRAMASA 60SF  – Inshore Power Specialist

Inshore power model for “One pitch long jigging”. This spinning rod is designed for catching 10kg plus Kingfish, Samson fish and mid size Amberjack.

This regular taper 6′ rod easily slides long jigs in a zigzag direction sharply by “One long pitch jigging” style.

Its slim profile and thick wall construction blank has incredible lifting power, so it will handle  10kg plus class fish easily.

Saltiga SG63HSF – Kingfish Specialist

This Kingfish special model delivers a sharp action to 200 – 300g jigs and attracts aggressive fish like over 10kg Kingfish and Amberjack to strike. It’s ideally suited to “HIRATO jigging – one pitch long jigging” by it also very effective with “short pitch jigging action”. Its strong action allows the hook to be set very easily even in between jigging pauses.

The slim profile super thick wall construction delivers incredible power, this seems  impossible to imagine from silhouette of such a  slim blank but when loaded the power transfers to the butt section making sure catching a big fish is easy by using full rod power to gradually lift a big fish.

Saltiga SG57BF – Inshore Monster Specialist 

Inshore power model for high pitch short jigging. The regular taper 5’7″short blank is ideally suited to drop jigs vertically to easily search for fish. Designed for 10kg plus Kingfish, Samson fish and Amberjack with jigs up to 210 grams.

This overhead rod has a smooth power transfer from top until fore grip area to create a nice curve, which will apply maximum pressure to a hooked fish by using the power created by the thick wall bias construction blank

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