STRIKE PRO hummer vibe 40mm 6gram sinking fishing lure bream bass flathead

STRIKEPROhumsinklure 882G
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STRIKE PRO Hummer Sinking Lure

Strike Pro lures have been the choice of many anglers around the world, and have won many fishing tournaments and competitions worldwide. Whether you are a tournament pro or a recreational angler, don't go fishing without lures from Strike Pro. Remember - Limit your catch and release for the future. Strike pro has been producing high quality since 1973. This product represents the ongoing effort by Strike Pro to create the best fishing lures possible. Each and every Strike Pro lure is extensively tested before it goes into production to ensure each lure has the correct balance, lifelike, and attention to detail for which the Strike Pro brand is famous.

The Hummer is a new small plastic vibe that is perfectly weight balanced that allows the lure to rest on the bottom perfectly on it's metal lip.

It has a fantastic action on the drop and lift. The Hummer also features two top tow points that allows the angler to impart different action on the lure.

It is deadly on Bream, Bass, Estuary Perch, Mulloway, Flathead and Redfin.