BLACK MAGIC Squid Jig jag fishing

BLACK MAGIC Squid Jig 2.0 Black/Red
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It doesn’t matter where or when, day or night this great jig performs as you would expect. A high reflective red under a natural cover has proved it’s worth. No question; any half serious squid fisherman will need one of these in his Egi collection.


Pilchards are a part of any squid’s diet and this jig is a perfect imitation. A great jig when things quieten down in the middle of the day when XOS squid will be feeding.


Day or night this jig is a proven performer. The ultra high UV is sure to be an attractant during the day and the lumo glow makes it perfect for night fishing.


Orange has always been a favourite amongst squid fisherman while a red under foil is an excellent choice when fishing at the change of light.  Black Magic has combined a “hi-viz” UV orange top with a red foil under to create a jig that is ideal for fishing the change of light, but also perfect if the water is a bit murky.

White Glow

You only need to see this jig to know at least one belongs in your kit. A white lumo with UV pearl cloth will encourage even the fussiest squid to bite. A dream ‘universal’ jig for those who love squid fishing day and night.

Orange Glow

Orange lumo has always been a hot colour at night. Those of you who fish wharves will love this combination of lumo and hot UV orange. This jig has also proven it’s worth during the day when orange is the trigger colour.