BKK 3pk to 7pk Light Jig fishing Hooks 8070-3X-HG

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BKK Light Jigging Hook HG

Seamless hook ring, superior anti-rust and a perfectly welded eyelet are all key features of the 8070-3X-NP 'jigging light' hook from BKK.  Featuring a super sharp needle point the hook penetrates easily even in tough fish like trevally.  With strength to spare the 8070-3X-NP in #11/0 is rated to almost 45kg of pressure.  That's some serious strength for a light gauge jig hook.  Available in a variety of sizes, this is a great option for light to medium jigging and for Baker rigging on surface plugs.  The HG version comes with the famous BKK HG point for the ultimate in penetration and hooking power.

Superior Anti-Rust - In 2014 the company launched the anti rust technology, its hardness and salt corrosion resistance are the crown of all current plate coating.

  • Seamless Hook Ring
  • Superior Anti-Rust
  • Hook Shank Welding
  • 4/0 - approx 23kg
  • 5/0 - approx 26.5kg
  • 7/0 - approx 29kg
  • 9/0 - approx 35.5kg
  • 11/0 - approx 43.5kg